Q - The Songs Go On...

Release Date: September 25, 2012

Album Information

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Q - The Songs Go On...

1. A Special Occasion
2. The Words to Say
3. This Life
4. Find A Way
5. Without Love
6. Lord of My Life
7. Holy Hands
8. He Still Loves You (Original Version)
9. How Great
10. Leaning On The Lord
11. We Shall Assemble
12. Words of Truth
13. Day By Day
14. Miles Away
15. A Little While
16. The Lord Reigns
17. How Could You Say No?
18. Lamb of God
19. He Still Loves You
20. I Can't Wait
21. Make Me A Child

Compilation Producers: Jon Owen and Eric Gwin

Original Session Producers: Q

All Primary Vocals and Sounds Performed by Jon Owen, Jennifer Puryear, Rob Williams, Johnny Brown, Jim Ingerson, Mitchell Johnston, Mark Thompson, and Eric Gwin.

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