Release Date: November, 2005

Album Information

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Eric Gwin - The Calling

1. Alive
2. The Real World
3. A Better Place
4. The Calling
5. My Life
6. The Light
7. Still A Child (Hayley's Song)
8. Next Time You Come Around
9. Sincerely Yours
10. Seek His Face
11. By My Side
12. One More Day


Produced, Arranged, and Recorded by Eric Gwin.

Mixed by Mitch Fewell and Eric Gwin.

Guest vocalists: Brittany Shields, Callie Gentry, Steven Cannon, Jim Ingerson, "Don Juan" DeMarco Williams, Scott "Hobie" Laney, David Savage, Baron Goins, Mitch Fewell, and Hayley Gwin.

All songs written by Eric Gwin, except: "Next Time You Come Around" by David Savage, Jim Ingerson, and Eric Gwin; and "Sincerely Yours" by Mark Thompson and Eric Gwin.

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