Release Date: September, 2002

Album Information

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1. Love for One Another
2. Christian Friends
3. Standing Together
4. Divine Inspiration
5. Kum Bay Yah
6. Discipleship
7. How Great (Demo Version)
8. Healing Touch
9. Christ, My Lord
10. See You at the Top
11. Love for One Another (Part 2)
12. In God's Love
13. Lions of God
14. Lord of my Life (Stage Version)


Executive Producer: Eric Gwin

Original Session Producers: Jon Owen, Paul Evans, and Eric Gwin.

Vocals: Paul Evans, John Putnam, Mitchell Johnston, Baron Goins, Todd Mowry, Jason Todd, Marc Newman, Jon Owen, Mark Thompson, Rob Williams, Johnny Brown, Jennifer Puryear, Steven Cannon, Erich Burbage, Jim Ingerson, Jeremy Vest, and Eric Gwin.

All songs written by Eric Gwin except: "Kum Bay Yah", Traditional Arranged by John Green w/ additional arrangement by Jon Owen, Rob Williams, Johnny Brown, Mitchell Johnston, Jennifer Puryear, and Eric Gwin; "Healing Touch" and "Lions of God" by Paul Evans and Eric Gwin; and "Lord of My Life" by Jon Owen, Johnny Brown, Jennifer Puryear, Rob Williams, and Eric Gwin. 

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