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Welcome to the Eric Gwin Lyrics Archive!

Often in music, the words to the songs can get somewhat covered up by the music and the arrangement. This can lead to the message of the song getting lost in the mix somewhere. Every song that I have been involved with has had special meaning to me, and it is through this section of the website that I want to share that meaning with you. 

In order to get the full experience of each song, I have provided links to every song's page on On that song's page, you can listen to the song, read the lyrics, read the story behind the writing of the song, and even download the song (or the entire album) if you so choose.

If you've never before taken the time to get to know my music, these pages are a great place to start!

Enjoy! -Eric G.

Just click on the CD covers below!

Eric Gwin - Time & Place

Time & Place (2017)

Eric Gwin - A Place to Belong EP

A Place to Belong EP (2013)

Eric Gwin - Refuge: 10th Anniversary Edition

Refuge: 10th Anniversary Edition (2001/ 2011)

Eric Gwin - Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind (2011)

Eric Gwin - Fresh Hope

Fresh Hope (2007)

Eric Gwin - The Calling

The Calling (2005)

Q: The Songs Go On...

Q: The Songs Go On... [Digital Box Set] (2012)

Eric Gwin presents... Songs from the Vault

Eric Gwin presents... Songs from the Vault [Compilation] (2002)

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