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Here at ERICGWIN.COM, we are firm believers in privacy. We feel it is very important for you to feel secure while online with us, especially if you will be purchasing our products, downloading our digital media, or becoming an Eric G. Insider. In order for us to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, we have created this privacy policy, which outlines for you our merchandising and information gathering practices here at ERICGWIN.COM.

Your Email Address

Whenever an order is placed for our digital or physical products, we always ask for an email address for two reasons: 1) We need an email address so that we can confirm the purchase and the buyer's shipping information , and 2) so that if there is a problem with an order we can contact the buyer. By ordering a product and giving us your email address, you are automatically placed on our mailing list and subscribed to the "Eric G. Insider Email". If you would prefer to not be on the list, you can unsuscribe at any time. (To learn more about the Eric G. Insiders, scroll down below to the "Eric G. Insiders/ Opt-out System" section on this page.).

If you purchase a digital or physical product from us, 2-3 weeks after an order is filled, you will receive an email from Eric Gwin asking you about your order. This is primarily for the purpose of customer satisfaction, as Eric wants to make sure you have received your order quickly and safely. 

We do not sell or rent your email address to anyone!

Credit/ Debit Card Information

The majority of orders that we fill through this web site are placed using credit or debit cards. We can assure you that any financial information we collect is used only to bill the user for our products and is never sold or rented. Also, when we request contact information from you, it is only for the purpose of getting in touch with you with regards to your purchase, if necessary. We guarantee that your personal contact information will not be sold or rented to anyone!

Our retail store (with both physical and digital media products) is now operated through Band Camp. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and paypal through Band Camp's secure online shopping cart system. By using their "hacker-safe" system, all orders through Band Camp are guaranteed to be safe for your bank account. For more information about Band Camp, please feel free to visit their online security pages at their website:

All personal and financial data collected by Band Camp is ONLY used in connection with your order. It WILL NOT be sold or rented to anyone!

Downloading Digital Media

Throughout our entire website, we offer a lot of digital media (Mp3 files, E-books, etc.) and we go to great lengths to be sure that this media can be downloaded safely without any threat of viruses, spyware, or anything else that can corrupt the files on your computer. Almost all of our digital media products are hosted by Band Camp, and they have a very reputable quality-control system. Details about their system can be found at their website:

Bottom line: When you download anything from us, you have our word that you will receive high-quality files that will not violate your privacy or corrupt your computer. 

Problems with Ordering/ Downloading

All of the physical products in our retail store are shipped from us, but the credit card and debit card transactions are handled COMPLETELY by Band Camp. If you experience any problems ordering our products or downloading digital media, those problems can be addressed by emailing Band Camp directly:

Alternatives to Credit/ Debit Cards

If you still do not feel safe using a credit or debit card to purchase our products, we make sure that there are alternatives. If you prefer to purchase any of our products using a check or money order, simply email us: Let us know what you would like to order and we will reply with instructions on how to complete your purchase. We do this to insure that anyone who is interested in our products and wants to purchase them can do so without having to worry about sending personal financial and contact information over the Internet. 

We guarantee that any personal or financial data you send to us will be kept completely confidential!

Links to Third Party Web Sites

This website contains many links to other Internet sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of web sites we link to. 

Eric G. Insiders/ Opt-out System

Eric G. Insiders are people who have purchased a product from us or subscribed to our mailing list  and receive FREE exclusive content for doing so. Membership is completely FREE and no purchase is necessary to be a part of it. The Eric G. Insider E-Mail is an email that Eric himself sends out every month or so with latest news about new releases and events that he will be a part of, along with links to free content and offers on merchandise exclusive to insiders only. Also, Insiders are the first to hear about everything going on with Eric, before anything is posted here on the website or on social media.

Subscription to this membership is automatic when you give us your email address, but may be cancelled at any time. To unsubscribe, simply drop us an email with "Unsubscribe Me" in the subject line:

We do not sell or rent your email address to anyone!

If you would like to subscribe to become an Eric G. Insider, you can CLICK HERE!

Also, if you are receiving our newsletter and and would like to unsubscribe, you can do so any time by emailing us:


Do you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, our information gathering practices, or your dealings with this web site? If so, Eric wants you to contact him directly:

Eric Gwin
Spectacle Entertainment
P.O. Box 240092
Montgomery, AL 36124-0092

Please be sure to include all relevant information.

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