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Eric Gwin loves creativity. He enjoys being creative on his own, but he also enjoys working with other artistic people, helping them to create art that is unique and makes a difference to everyone who experiences it.

In addition to being an artist in his own right, Eric owns and operates a recording studio, through which he works with a variety of artists, both a cappella and instrumental alike.

The Cage Recording Studio  started out back in 1996 as Eric's home project studio in the spare bedroom of his first house. Over the years, it slowly developed from a personal demo space into a fully functioning digital studio.

In 2012, after 2 years of planning, designing, and budgeting, Eric built a 24 x 12 area into his 2-car garage, expanding The Cage into a full, 2-room commercial facility. His goal was to build a comfortable, music-making space that cultivates creativity and allows artists to be themselves. With the studio serving as his base of operations, Eric now can work with artists in the studio, but also with artists from all over the world without having to leave his home.

To find out more about what Eric Gwin and The Cage Recording Studio can do for you and your next studio recording project, check out the official studio website:


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